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accordion shutters floridaAccordion Shutters That Are Built To Last

We are one of the largest and longest-standing hurricane protection manufacturers in South Florida. Save by buying from us (direct from the manufacturer).

Seven different types of accordion hurricane shutters are on the market today. Our engineers have researched and tested all of the available accordion hurricane shutter systems, and throughout our 30 years of professional experience we have narrowed it down to what we believe to be the top three most long lasting, dependable, and cosmetically appealing shutter systems.

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Due to high volume of calls after Hurricane Matthew, Harvey and now Irma we will only taking orders that exceed $3,500. We also have a minimum average window cost of $500 per opening. This limit will be decreased when demand decrease


Accordion Shutter - Closure ChannelSince we offer three different shutter systems we can accommodate any type of special installation need and offer the most competitive pricing on the market. The hurricane shutters were specifically engineered to last. Constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel wheels, and covered in hard, long lasting nylon, the product is convenient to open and close, unlike traditional panels.

Our Accordion Shutters are constructed of heavy-gauge, 6 tensile strength, 0.52 gauge (0.50 for the Bertha, 0.47 for the Impact) extruded aluminum panels. Accordion shutters are fabricated with fade-resistant baked on powder coated paint (the same process used for automobiles) with a blade span of 6.8 inches for maximum strength.

Unlike our competitors, our hurricane shutters use closure channels with a 90-degree bend to increase the shutters resistance to denting, and make the product more cosmetically appealing.
Utilizing An Effective Design For Shutter Longevity


Accordion Shutter - Rainguard

Since we offer hurricane protection product maintenance, we see a lot of our competitors’ accordion shutters in disrepair. This is due to some of the fundamental design elements that allow water and dirt to damage each shutter.

Protection From Rain

Our hurricane shutter features a rain-guard that deters water from entering the inner side of the shutter from the top.

Extra Protection Added To The Design

Rods are added on the outer side of the shutter for extra protection. They prevent debris from making the shutter collapse in on itself by spreading the force throughout the entire shutter. All of the rods, screws, rivets we use to produce the accordion shutters are resistant to rust and oxidation.

accordion shutters cta

Additional Choices

We give you the choice of straps, clips or the primitive locking rod system to keep your hurricane shutters propped open in good weather conditions.

Options Such As Peepholess and Lexan Blades

Accordion Shutter Clear Blades

At Assured Storm Protection, we manufacture accordion shutters that allow for additional features and benefits for our customers.

One of the most commonly overlooked details of accordion shutters is that they block out all of the light. This can be a big deal in the case of a storm if power is lost in your home.

In order to remedy this issue we offer transparent Lexan blades and peepholes to allow light in your home in blackout situations. Our Accordion Shutters also have the option of a turn knob in the event of a lock failure.

Although all of these details may seem minor, in the event of the storm you will appreciate these benefits while your hurricane protection products keep you and your family safe.

Our goal is to provide high quality hurricane accordion shutter products that outperform our customer’s expectations. We want to do so at an amazing price, making hurricane protection affordable for South Florida.

Assured Storm Protection uses a variety of applications as do other companies. What is of utmost importance, however, is finding hurricane shutters that not only meet or surpass code requirements and protect your home, but also meet your aesthetic needs. Unfortunately, many companies take shortcuts to save time, material, and money.

Assured Storm never takes shortcuts when it comes to hurricane shutter installations that protects our customers homes and families. When we install hurricane shutters we do so as if it was our own home, using only the best application and best material. This includes using closure channels with stainless steel screws two on top two on the bottom when possible, always caulking to avoid mold, and many more as seen listed in application below

Accordion Hurricane Shutters Wall to Wall attachment with no decorative stucco bands

This accordion hurricane shutter application is the most common installation on a home.  All windows on a flat wall with no obstacles are installed with a wall header track top and bottom, with side closures to the left and right.  Side closures may be installed with a flat starter and an angle attached with self-drilling screws or a direct side closure which is installed directly to the top and bottom wall header.  This results in a stronger and more cosmetically appealing installation.

Accordions Hurricane Shutters Wall to Wall Attachment with decorative stucco bands

This attachment is similar to a wall attachment, but might require using a build-out wall header to go over stucco bands or when a stucco band is present on either the top or bottom, a build-out track will be required to make the shutter plumb. Stucco bands that vary in thickness may require side angles to be notched.

Wall to Walkover:

This accordion shutter attachment is used for all doors where the floor beneath the door is level.  The walkover track has a slim profile and is installed directly to the floor not using a wall track as some companies will do, (this will leave a gap between the floor and track where you can get your foot jammed and is a trip hazard). It will pass code, but is not the right way to install a walkover track

Wall to Adjustable:

This application is used on doors when the floor is not level.  The track is mounted to the floor, but its unique two-part system allows it to compensate for the pitch in the floor and produces a level surface.

Wall to Walkover with an angle:

In the event that no structural concrete exists below a door, an angle may be attached to the foundation below the door.  The angle is attached to the wall and the walkover track is mounted to the angle.

Trapped condition ceiling to floor:

Usually an application used in condominiums where a concrete slab exists both above and below an opening. A track is mounted to the ceiling and usually an adjustable track is used on the floor.

And we can also use a radius track to bend the accordion shutter stack so that it stores away from the front preventing obstruction of the view



 Sill/Reveal Attachment:

In the event that a large decorative feature exists immediately below a window sill, the accordion shutter track may be installed in the bottom sill.  An angle is notched to fit in the reveal on the window sill.  Anchors are mounted through the angle and downward into the sill. Great care must be taken to apply sealant on the head of the anchor, in the hole bored into the concrete, as well as the perimeter of the angle.  The wall track is then bolted to the angle and is anchored to the wall on the left and right of the opening.

A recess track offers the best option for homeowners who wish to have a minimally invasive floor track that will be a tripping Hazard or will need to be stored and put in to place we hurricane is on the way .  As the application states, a trench is notched into the floor substrate whether tile, concrete or paves, with a 14€ diamond blade.  The track is then inserted into the notch and is flush with the pavement, eliminating any potential tripping hazard.


Radius Track for Bay Windows:

Accordion Hurricane Shutters installed on bay windows may be performed in two (2) ways.  The economical way is for an installer to notch the track at regular intervals to allow the track to bend at the corners created by bay windows.  Some installers may choose to make pie cuts angled at certain degrees creating an arch to curve around a bay window.  The other method is a propriety technique in which the track is curved continuously without the need for cuts or notches.  A continuous curve is custom ordered and is more expensive, but the result is a shutter the moves fluidly around the curves of a bay window and looks much better.

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