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South Florida Hurricane Pre-Season Sale

33% off all impact glass! Accordion Shutters average $12.95 per sq. ft.

Pre-Season Special: Free Low-E or additional 5% off..

With Purchase of 9,999 or more. Initial visit only.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Hurricane Shutter Company

hurricane shutters installed by one of the best hurricane protection companies in south florida.If you want to protect your home and family from hurricanes in Florida, it’s important to have hurricane shutters or impact windows installed by one of the best hurricane protection companies. You can get protection from many companies in the area, but in the long run, are they providing you with the support you need in the years to come? Here are a few things you need to consider before making a decision on buying from a hurricane shutter company; (more…)

Hurricane Window Price Increase Coming March 1st

We always do our best to make sure our customers get great quality shutters at some of the best prices in the industry. But unfortunately, most of our window manufacturers are raising their prices.
Avoid The Price Increase

What will the hurricane window price increase mean for me?

Starting March 1st, our suppliers will be charging 4% more for most brands of impact windows. We recommend that anyone in the market for hurricane protection to get started and give us a call as soon as possible to avoid the price increase. We can come to your home and get started with the process within 2-4 days normally.

Will the price increase be permanent?

It is impossible to tell when the price will change or whether it will become lower or higher. Most likely, this price will remain for at least a few months.

Will the price increase affect all hurricane window companies?

It’s expected to affect most if not all hurricane window companies in the South Florida area.

What is the process of getting hurricane shutters.

We bring our showroom to your home. You will get to see a wide selection of our window samples so you can choose the best fit for your home. We’ll work out a quote normally within 24 hours. Once the contract is signed, your order will be placed and your price will be reserved. It can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks from contract signing to get your windows installed.

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Hurricane Shutter Testing

The Truth About Hurricane Shutter Testing. Florida Hurricane Shutter Testing At Assured Storm Protection, we carry three different lines of hurricane shutters.


Hurricane Shutters Are Tested to the Highest Standards


In South Florida we live in the most severe hurricane zone in all of the United States.  The quantity and severity of the storms requires that all building products undergo rigorous testing before being approved for sale in our market.  What does that mean for accordion shutters?  All Hurricane shutters have been tested and passed in a specially designed laboratory that imitates the pressures and effects of flying debris during a hurricane.


In order to make these tests the laboratory is required to utilize specific test protocols and procedures as outlined by the approval bodies – Florida Building Council and Miami-Dade County.  Here is a list of the tests conducted on accordion shutters:


  1. Uniform Static Air Pressure TAS 202, ASTM E330
  2. Large Missile Impacts TAS 201, ASTM E1996
  3. Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading TAS 203, ASTM E1886

But what exactly are TAS 202 and ASTM E330?  TAS stands for Testing Application Standard and is written as part of the Florida Building Code for evaluation of products used in building envelopes.  The test calls for the product to be pressure tested for 30 seconds with both a positive pressure and then 30 seconds with a negative pressure.  The ASM E330 test protocol is a similar pressure test to the TAS 202.  The reason that accordions Shutters are tested according to both the TAS and the ASTM protocols is to ensure compliance to governing bodies around the United States and the world.  The ASTM standards are internationally recognized and used by jurisdictions outside of Florida to ensure product compliance.  Accordion Shutters are tested to withstand even higher pressures than required by Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County.

50ft/s – large missile = 34 miles per hour

130ft/s – small missile = 88.6 miles per hour


Large Missile Impacts

Testing of hurricane shutters requires that the shutter be hit with a large missile.  For purposes of the test the large missile is a 2×4 piece of wood between 7 and 9 feet in length.  The missile is launched from a cannon and impacts the shutter in at least 2 locations.  The Florida Building code chapter 16 specifies that the large missile travel at a speed of 50 ft/s, equivalent to 34 mph.  The shutter must be impacted at the corner and in the middle.  As an additional Accordion shutters are impacted in two spots in the opposite direction (from the inside).  This allows the shutter to be installed in reverse when conditions make it more practical.  The large missile impact test measures the amount of deflection of the shutter as well as the permanent deformation.  There are two criteria for passing this test – the 2×4 cannot pierce the shutter and the maximum deflection of the shutter must be no more than the height of the shutter divided by 30 or L/30.  An example of an actual test result from the SuperNova can be shown as follows:


Specimen height: 104”

Deflection: 1.25”

L/30: 104/30 = 3.467”

Test Result: PASS


Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading

This test method consists of supplying air to and exhausting air from the test chamber in accordance with a specific test loading program at the rate required to maintain the test pressure differential across the shutter, and observing, measuring, and recording the deflection, deformations, and nature of any distress or failures of the specimen.  Beginning at ambient pressure the shutter is then pressurized positively, returned to ambient pressure and then negatively pressurized.  This is considered one cycle.  Each shutter sample is cycled through positive and negative pressures over 4000 times and the maximum deflection (bending) under pressure is measured.  The shutter must not fail during this cyclic testing and must not be deformed more than 10% from its original state upon completion.  The maximum design pressure tested for the SuperNova is 160 psf.  When a shutter professional installs shutters on your home the first requirement is to determine the pressure applied to each window during a hurricane.  This pressure is then compared to a design table in the product approval to determine whether the shutter can withstand at least the pressure applied during a storm.


Hurricane Window Prices


delray eas impact windows

The price of Hurricane Windows and Doors has gone down

Hurricane window and door prices are lower today than they were after hurricane Wilma in 2005. Over the last few years they have been the fastest growing hurricane protection product in the industry. Basically the reason for the increase of demand for impact windows has been because of  the decrease in price due to a more competitive market.The homes in South Florida are aging, windows need replacement, the housing market is on the rise, and more homeowners are putting money into upgrading their homes.


Cost of Hurricane Windows

Cost of Hurricane Windows

Hurricane window prices are lower today than they were after hurricane Wilma in 2005. Over the last few years they have been the fastest growing hurricane protection product in the industry. Basically the reason for the increase of demand for impact windows has been because of  the decrease in price due to a more competitive market. The homes in South Florida are aging, windows need replacement, the housing market is on the rise, and more homeowners are putting money into upgrading their homes. (more…)

Hurricane Windows and Hurricane Shutters for Coral Springs, FL

Coral Springs Hurricane Windows and Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane windows and hurricane shutters are the two most popular hurricane protection products we install in Coral Springs, Florida. Many of our customers decided to mix accordion shutters for the back and sides of the house, and impact windows for the front of their house. They mostly did this for aesthetics. A more common reason to have hurricane windows installed with accordions is when there is a fixed window too high to reach or on the second floor; replacing them with impact windows will eliminate the need for a ladder to close and secure them when a storm approaches. There are many homes in Coral Springs that are now over 35-year-old and the windows are no longer efficient. It is necessary to replace these windows. Impact windows are a better way to go than non-impact windows and hurricane shutters; not only in out of pocket cost, but it offers you 24-hour protection. (more…)

Florida Impact Window and Door Sale

Impact Windows And Doors Sale Florida

Are you interested in adding hurricane impact windows and doors to your home? We carry only the highest quality hurricane windows and doors that offer superior strength, durability, reliability, and are cosmetically appealing.

More importantly, we offer South Florida the lowest price in the industry on quality hurricane protection from USA suppliers. (more…)

Choosing The Right Hurricane Shutters

Choosing the right hurricane shutters for your home is not as easy as it sounds. There are numerous product options that are available when shopping for the right accordion. This article examines some of the major criteria that you should consider when choosing a shutter that meets all of your needs. The first consideration should always be safety. You want to make sure that you are purchasing an accordion from a licensed and insured dealer and that the hurricane shutters will protect you in the event of a storm. (more…)

New Hurricane Shutter Added To Our Lineup!

At Assured Storm Protection, we are proud of the products we carry. We choose to deal with USA suppliers, and our engineers regularly test new and innovative hurricane shutters to see if they meet our strict standards.

During one of our routine hurricane shutter tests, we came across a product called the Supernova Hurricane Shutter. This shutter is changing the accordion shutter industry due to its many features and cosmetically appealing appearance. In fact, it is the most attractive hurricane shutter you can buy! (more…)

Recent Hurricane Shutter Review From Sunrise Florida

At Assured Storm Protection, we always strive for customer service excellence. Our goal is to offer the best hurricane protection products available to our customers at the most reasonable price.

We really appreciate it when our customers share their experience in the form of a review. Here is a recent review for a hurricane shutter installation that took place in June of 2014 in Sunrise Florida: (more…)