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Hurricane Shutters Come In Many Forms and Styles

hurricane shutters south floridaHurricane shutters come in a variety of designs, prices, and ease of usage to meet all of your needs. We at Assured Storm Protection provide expert service in helping you determine what will best meet your needs both in terms of storm protection and aesthetics. Sometimes the answer comes in combining styles. Accordion shutters remain the most popular of all hurricane shutters.

In recent years, hurricane windows have become the first choice over most types of hurricane shutters with the exception of accordion shutters and hurricane panels for new construction. The main reason roll-down, Colonial, and Bahama shutters have become less popular is because the cost is similar to that of hurricane impact windows which offer year-round protection with no storm preparation needed. As we all know, in South Florida we can have a severe storm on any given day and, hurricane impact windows offer the added benefit of protection from break-ins from intruder’s, lower energy cost, and noise reduction

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hurricane panelsStorm Panel Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane panels attach to the walls around windows and doors on bolts or tracks. Storm panels are made of corrugated aluminum, steel or Lexan (polycarbonate clear see-though panels) , and each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength. They can be used to protect both windows and doors.

You can also choose the type of installation:

  • One style incorporates both tracks and bolts. The top of the panel is slipped into a track above the window, and the bottom of the panel is secured to bolts that are permanently attached beneath the window.
  • Another style uses a set of C-shaped tracks above and below the windows and doors. Bolts slide into the tracks from either side and must be manually aligned with the holes on the panels.
  • A third style uses only bolts permanently set into the wall beside the windows and doors know as panel mates. They can be loosened as the panel is hung horizontally or vertically, and screwed down to secure it.

These are the most economical of the permanent shutter systems; however, they must be stored between uses and require the longest preparation time when a storm is approaching since they must be manually hung.

accordion shuttersAccordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters are by far the most popular of all hurricane shutters from a combination of reasons priced less than half of all other hurricane shutters with the (exception of hurricane panels which costs around 25% less ) and can be deployed with little effort. They have track on top with wheels and bottom track with two-pieces know as stacks that are housed beside the windows or doors with a when not in use. They unfold accordion-style to cover and protect during a storm. Assured Storm Protection offers a variety of styles and colors to ensure that they meet your aesthetic needs, as well as your storm and security needs. They come with keys and can also be used as a theft deterrent when you are away, with an option clear blades or peek holes to allow light in, or just to watch to storm in the safety of your home.

They don’t require extra storage space as storm panels do and they can easily be made storm-ready in minutes by one person.

colonial shuttersColonial Hurricane Shutters

Colonial hurricane shutters are two-piece louvered, decorative shutters that attach to the wall beside each window and fold together to protect windows. They can beautify, as well as protect your home and can be made storm-ready quickly by one person, simply by folding them together. Again, Assured Storm Protection offers a variety of colors to meet your individual needs. Because Colonial hurricane shutters can only provide coverage for windows, we work with you to provide other options for your doors.

bahama shuttersBahama Hurricane Shutters

Many of those who select Bahama shutters do so because of the added advantage that they provide — year-round shade and privacy, as well as protection during storms. These one-piece louvered shutters attach directly above the windows and prop open. They become storm-ready when lowered and secured to the wall.

Bahama shutters can be lowered and secured easily for storm preparation. They can only be used for windows, so we will work with you to select the door coverings of your choice to complement the shutters.

Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll-down hurricane shutters attach above the window and roll up and store in an enclosed box when not in use. They are lowered either manually with a hand crank or automatically by wall switch or remote control, but keep in mind the added cost of an electrician with any other option than hand crank to lock in place for storm protection. They are perfect for enclosed patios and other areas where there is no concrete to secure a footing that is needed with accordion shutters and panels. Among their many advantages is that they also make an excellent theft deterrent.

While more costly than the other systems, they are also the easiest to use when making your home storm ready and provide the added bonus of security for your home.

Advantage of Using Assured Storm Protection for All Shutter Types

We manufacture three styles of accordion shutters – all of superb quality at the lowest price. All are engineered to provide you with the same level of structural soundness and cosmetic appeal. The varied styles allow you to select the one or combination that enhances your home’s external decor so that your hurricane shutters offer both protection and beauty. All are installed by trained experts. Hurricane panels offer an economical alternative to your hurricane protection needs. You can choose from high-quality aluminum panels or clear impact-rated clear panels that allow for visibility. We supply and install any and all hurricane protection products through our skilled installation crews.